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Hope Community Church, Pennsylvania


Senior Pastor

Story of Salvation

Ephesians 2:4-5 speaks to the salvation God grants by his grace through faith in Jesus.  I came to know Christ at an early age but did not understand or live by the words I claimed.  Yet, God worked early on, molding and using circumstances in my life to draw me to him & truly capture my heart.   The church played a significant role in my faith as I was mentored and discipled by youth leaders.   To this day I have a deep love for the church and long to see it impact the lives of others to proclaim Christ as it was in mine. 

Life & Family

I have lived in the area for years and grew up not far from the church, in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania. I graduated from Cairn Univeristy (then, PCB) in May 1997 with a Bachelors in Bible and Minor in Youth Ministry. I later received a masters in Counseling in 2000 from Cairn University. After dating Erin for 4 years, we were married in May 1998.  We have been blessed with the gift of parenting three children, Chris, Seth & Neva. 

Prayer for Hope Community Church

My prayer is that HCC would be a group of people partnering together for one common mission-the gospel of Jesus Christ.  A people united, loving God & others through word and deed proclaiming his name boldly in the church, community & world so his glory is made known.​

Role at Hope Community Church

I began serving at Hope in 2001 as the Family & Student Ministries Pastor.  I began the ministry of Senior Pastor in 2010. I believe God is continually refining me before Him as a man, husband, father and shepherd to those in our congregation. I am passionate about serving and teaching the body of Christ, and do that in part through preaching weekly. Connecting relationally with the body is important to me as part of the ongoing ministry of Hope. Twice a year I teach our Discovering Hope Class where I have the privilege to meet those interested in becoming a part of the community of Hope. Some additional components to my role as senior pastor include working as a team with our elder board in business, prayer and spiritual growth, planning & leading our Leadership Team Meetings, mentoring men to rise in leadership, overseeing our staff, and being available to the body of Hope.

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