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The Supremacy of Jesus

Hebrews 1:1-14 February 2, 2020 Jesus > Everything

Jesus is greater than everything. This is the reoccurring theme throughout this “brief” letter (Hebrews 13:22). i.e. Pay attention to this exhortation or you will get a longer letter!

We are confronted by many things in life that can prompt doubts to rise to the surface in our minds. Not the least of these areas has all to do with the person of Jesus.

This should not surprise us since those who would distort the message of the gospel usually do so regarding its central figure – Jesus. What do they distort? Who Jesus is or what He has done (and what that work means to us). This letter to the Hebrews reveals how it is that Jesus turns out to be the complete fruition of all of the old testament foreshadowing and literal fulfillment of prophecies and promises.

Angels do not seem to be a huge topic of interest right now in our current culture. But throughout history, they have received much more interest and attention. The Scriptures certainly do make mention of angels often, both in the old and new testaments, since they are God’s ministering spirits, were created to serve those who would inherit salvation (Heb. 1:14). And whenever they’re mentioned they do seem to do some very specific and amazing message delivering. And when not delivering messages, they’re scaring the bajeebers out of people of doing some righteous house-cleaning.

And so maybe this si why some would confuse this amazing man, Jesus with being an angel. But the truth is He is so much more. As a matter off fact he couldn’t be any more of anything than He is, as He is God Himself, manifest in the very same flesh as all of us. Let’s keep it straight. Jesus is not an angel, He is a version of God we can handle seeing without dying. He is very God of very God, born in the flesh. God has chosen to manifest Himself in the flesh so that we could take Him in, and so He could take care of our greatest need - all that is needed for our salvation.

The temptation to elevate angels or demote Jesus remains at times for whatever reasons. But the writer makes it crystal clear this would be a grave mistake.

Have you ever had an encounter with angel?

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