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“The LORD is my shepherd.”

June 23, VBS Sunday, Psalm 23

What would happen if you read Psalm 23 every day for one month? I dare you to find out…

In the mean time, the beauty of this psalm written some 3,000 years ago is simple. If you know the Lord as your shepherd, so much of life falls into place. All six verses are the result of knowing that Jesus is the good shepherd who lays down His life for His sheep. What we are to do is fine tune our lives to His leading. As we allow ourselves to be led by Him to rest and to be still, where it is quiet and still, where we can tend to the things He is saying to us, He restores our souls. This cannot be ignored to be healthy.

For His name’s sake, He guides us into paths of righteousness. If we claim to be one of His, our righteousness reflects back on Him. On a construction job, a sub-contractor cannot do a poor job representing the General Contractor because the GC’s name is on the line. All of the subs must do the jobs right, for the Boss’ name’s sake. In the case of the Shepherd, He doesn’t force us, but guides us to righteousness, desiring we choose to do the things both pleasing to Him and that represent His name well.

A lot in this world casts shade on us, most notably, death. There is no doubt much evil in this world. Denying that is a fool’s errand and changes nothing. Seeing the evil and trusting the good shepherd in the midst of it, changes us – and it can change us to the point where we have the power to help fight that evil.

In the midst of it all, His directing rod and staff bring comfort. Sometimes in the very presence of our enemies, we can dine with Jesus, fellowship with Him, and thus fear no evil.

With God’s anointing, we overflow with what we need for ourselves and to share with others. There doesn’t ever seem to be a lack when standing in God’s favor, in His grace. His grace follows us all the days of our lives…and beyond, and forever in His presence.


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