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Part 1 of the “God Is” series

5/6/18 Acts 4:23-31

Maybe for this subject, a series of questions (whose end goal is better understanding) is a better format for this SFT. And this “God Is” series tackles similarly difficult attributes of God. So I invite you to be perhaps, more reflective than usual during this series.

So, even in answering these questions, ask God tough questions. But ask Him with a view to learning truth, not keeping from truth.

In today’s world, how much is reflective thought given to the extent of God’s sovereignty?

How might someone else know you believe God is sovereign if you didn’t tell the?

As quoted in the sermon, Charles Spurgeon said, “When you go through a trial, the sovereignty of God is the pillow upon which you lay your head.”

What do you think led him to conclude this?

Is God’s sovereignty a form fitting pillow for you? If so, how so?

God’s sovereignty is usually not dinner conversation. What do you think makes God’s sovereignty a difficult subject for people to talk about?

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