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Seeking the Face of God

11/5/17 Psalm 27

Is it a real thing to be able to, “seek the face of God?”

Last week we confronted, briefly, the possible reality of zombies. In stark contrast, through the nineties, I would hear this phrase by which the sermon’s title is taken, “seek the face of God” and wonder of it were really possible to seek the face of God. Or more precisely that we could find it! After all, in Exodus, Moses was told, no one can ever see God, and if one would – we would sizzle for sure-izzle. (Ex 33:20). Sometimes we just don’t know what we’re asking for.

For fuller context, read the whole of Exodus chapter 33 for very enlightening insight into God’s revealing of Himself to His people, His dealings with that particular bunch, Moses’ reaction, and God’s response in return. Does this have bearing on us today?

We do find in this passage, a glimpse of what we can expect when we seek God’s face (Ex. 33:17-20). Stop and read this and note six things we find to be true that can happen or that we should be aware of, when we seek God’s face – without actually seeing His literal face.

For those He knows by name, (or for those led by His Spirit, for those adopted into His family, Rom. 8:14,15), 1, we find favor in His sight and 2, we have a closeness with Him (known by name). 3, God will make His goodness pass before us. We will see His goodness. What exactly that will look like may vary greatly over time and in differing circumstances, but His goodness will be revealed to us when we seek Him personally. 4, is an interesting one, He will proclaim the name of the Lord before you (What could that mean?) and 5 and 6 are similar; He will BE gracious and He will SHOW us compassion. One is revealing who He IS to us (gracious), and one is what He DOES for us (shows compassion).

List ways you have experienced God responding to you in each of these six ways. These six ways are how He shows us His face, His glory. Because we could not take a full-on revelation. And why not? Well I guess you could discuss that one as well.

One thing we can do to cultivate this closeness of seeking God’s face/ in relating closely to God is found nestled in the middle of in Romans 12, in verse 12.

What does the word devoted mean and how does fulfilling this allow us to “see God’s face?”

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