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Rooted in Christ

10/1/17 Colossians 2:6-15 Warnings So far in this study we have seen the many ways that Christ is to be central and supreme in our lives. Today we were reminded that there will be enemies who will try and deceive us and if possible lead us astray through subtle and not so subtle means. Paul gives us clear warnings which we will now take a look at.

The first warning resides in verse 6. This looks like solely an encouragement at first glance. But what happens when someone starts living their Christian walk NOT like they received Christ, but influenced more by things they’ve picked up since receiving Christ. For example, I have seen many overwhelmed by God’s grace and kindness as He ushers them into the kingdom of God, only to see them begin to be far harder and more demanding on fellow Christ followers, than treating them with the same grace and forgiving spirit that they themselves received. Too often people become unnecessarily self-righteous and legalistic toward fellow believers. I witness it and it was a problem of my own.

Why do you think this so easily happens? What can be done to keep from falling back into this trap? [Romans 2:4; Galatians 5:13-16 Ephesians 2:8-10]

Paul says when we fall prey to one of these enemies of the cross we are held captive to it. How are people held captive to traditions of men?

Can you think of examples of this from yours or others lives?

How are people held captive by philosophies?

What are some examples of destructive philosophies and how do they hold us captive?

What are the elementary spirits of this world Paul describes?

How can people be held captive by spirits?

What about empty deceit? Can you name examples of empty deceit in our culture and how they hold people captive?

Conversely, can you describe how, when we make our walk, “according to Christ”, we are set free and no longer held captive? What all does the phrase, “according to Christ” mean to you?

What does “according to Christ” mean in the context of Colossians? {i.e. get your answer from what we've been reading int he firs two chapters}

If our old selves were indeed put to death (cut away), why do you think we often try and bring them back to life??

How does Romans 6:1-14 speak to this struggle?

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