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Persevering to the End

Hebrews 3:7-19 March 8, 2020 Jesus > Everything

A quick focus on the aside Pastor Ryan started with from Craig Groshelle. It was a reminder that when things are chaotic and feel out of our control, we long for the normal and the every-day. I would just like a macaroni and cheese day… a peanut bitter and jelly day of normalcy (I would substitute honey for the jelly personally). And conversely, when things feel so blah and normal, we tend to want more excitement and the miraculous!

We’ve fallen into the trap of wanting infinite possibilities and choices. After all, why not always think of ALL of the possibilities?! Isn’t this then a god we are trying to conceive of on our own? What else always has endless possibilities but a genie of infinite options?

We are made to feel we’re missing out on something if we don’t try everything. Combine this goddess of endless choices with the god of fear and it is a horrible marriage of false deities resulting in NO PEACE for us. We can never be satisfied for fear of missing out on an option. We must always live in fear because we can never do enough to be totally safe.

This is a paranoia resulting from worshiping at the feet of false gods.

But if we truly want to persevere to the end, i.e. be faithful and live in contentment with our God, we will pursue a life of single minded faithfulness, where we are supremely content with RFR – Rust Free Rewards.

If we do want to KNOW PEACE, this only truly happens in a reconciled relationship with this Jesus of Hebrews. The God who has revealed Himself to us in the Scriptures we read and through His own Spirit who indwells us, is greater than everything.

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