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Murder He Wrote & The Victorious Secret (commands 6 & 7 murder and adultery)

The 10 Commandments Part 6&7 of 10

8/5 and 8/12 Exodus 20:13,14 Murder He Wrote, The Victorious Secret “You shall not murder. You shall not commit adultery.”

Read Romans 1:16-32, and note the warnings and promises Paul names. Note the ways Paul says God will work in people’ lives who are not ashamed of the gospel and how He will work in the lives of those who are ashamed of the gospel.

Notice how there is a progression in God honoring lives and a regression in lives where God is displaced from the place where He best fits in our lives: top priority.

This may be one of the most difficult passages to read because of the heartache it can bring, especially if you know someone who fits into one of the described bios. It is also one of the most reasoned passages in Scripture while being difficult. It makes sense even if we don’t like the feel of it. What is actually good doesn’t always feel good. We have all learned that as children. Of course we want what feels good, that’s natural. But considering the long, long list of contributing factors that have led to how we feel about certain things, it’s clear why our feelings might not be the best barometer of what our behavior should be.

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