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Mr. Irrelevant

Hebrews 7:1-28 May 3, 2020 {sermon 10 | Jesus > Everything}

Melchizedek of course is not irrelevant (listen to the sermon). Mel is being spotlighted to emphasize just how important the ministry of Jesus was and is since He fulfilled and established a better covenant and priesthood. There is scarce data on Mel, but enough is said that we have someone who is clearly an important figure to God, as he was a king and a priest (and certainly acted prophet-like as well). He legitimately accepted tithes from Abraham as he in turn, blessed Abraham after his key military victory.

Before the Levitical priesthood and actual kingship in Israel existed (or Israel for that matter), or before anyone was yet named a prophet, this Melchizedek ministered on behalf of God. He is noted for that and all of what he foreshadowed is fulfilled Jesus Christ. His priesthood need not continue as we will see in coming chapters. He is not to be over emphasized, yet duly noted, but then like everyone else, is considered as one who faithfully serves the Almighty and is seen by Him (6:10). But his ministry does not continue. The Mormon church would have people believe this but that would diminish the work of our Savior. In His work all is complete for our salvation and complete trust in Jesus is the only release of God’s grace in our lives – not the perpetuation of antiquated priesthoods. Jesus lives to fulfill his ministry as the one great high priest we need. Trying to continue an obsolete work of God is taking things into your own hands and relying on your on works and ritual – which are never good enough.

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