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Living By Faith

6/28 Hebrews 11:1-3 #18 Jesus > Everything Summer bio series

I change. Culture changes. It demands change… Jesus does not change.

The world is not the place to put your everlasting hope. It is a fallen world, one, while filled with much residual beauty is corrupted.

I believe God had in mind a world quite different than how it has unfolded. Nonetheless and even knowing what would happen, He spoke the world and its universe into existence with a sovereign plan to one day redeem it all.

By faith we understand that... the Universe unfolded... Ages were prepared… Worlds were created… made of what is not visible, that is, creative building block particles of life such as atoms, neutrons, electrons and the like, all too small for the eye to see, yet brought together at God’s command in a process of perfect merging and sequencing, infused by a perfect synthesis and harmony of energy and power, in precise space and time – all really just borrowed components from another realm.

It is this perfect coalescence of all of these elements and more that alone makes life possible here on earth, because without this, life here could not and would not exist, just as it does not exist anywhere else except where God says so. Only where God says, “Be so, together”, does life exist. If He doesn’t say so, it’s a no-go. We know what is physical is actually made up of things we cannot see with our naked eye.

Put another way, everything that exists here, originated from a place we cannot see or detect from this created world. In other words, God, who does not exist in and of this world, created this world (universe) from the vantage point of His realm, out of “new” components that can only be seen in this world. He can move in and out of either world at will because the things of His realm are of a substance that can transcend either world. Although the things of this world cannot touch the things of His realm. His realm, unlike this world – cannot be shaken by anything of this world.

So the things that originate from His realm and are of His realm (kingdom), are the things we should most desire.

This is the stuff of The Magician’s Nephew…

So in as much as we can, we should make it our chief goal to learn how to walk with our creator and learn from His perspective and his rhythms of life. And we can only do that by faith in what has been said about His speaking the world into existence.

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