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Let’s Face It, Jesus Came to Serve

12/3/17 Mark 10:32-45

What are your top 3 favorite Christmas themed movies? What would be some creative ways to interject the more ‘by the Book’ meaning of Christmas into conversations that revolve around the movies you chose?

Clearly, the specific type of serving to which Jesus was referring was His suffering and dying on our behalf, and to pay a ransom for us. In this Mk 10 passage, along with the other two (Mark 8,9), where He forewarns the disciples of His future sufferings, Jesus is defining greatness and service from God’s perspective.

Why is it so difficult to face the fact that Jesus came first and foremost to serve? i.e. That His main purpose was to suffer and die?

So how would you finish this sentence: From God’s perspective, greatness is never about trying to make yourself look good, it’s about _____________________________________________________.

Only the people who understood this prophecy of His coming from Isaiah 53, would recognize Jesus for who He really was and for the kind of Savior and King He was to be. Take some time and read chapter 53 of Isaiah.

What makes Isaiah 53 such a rich passage of Scripture? How would you say that this chapter describes greatness? What connections can you make between Isaiah 53 and Jesus’ life? List the similarities.

Who do you say that Jesus is? Why is it so difficult for some to face that Jesus had to die for their sin? Do you know anyone who say is distinctly different than how you describe him?

Who in the entirety of the biblical Christmas story do you most relate to?

How could embracing Jesus as the suffering servant make your Christmas more meaningful this year?

Do you know anyone else for whom a redefining of Jesus would be eye opening?

Pray for them. Pray for God to open an opportunity for you to share the uniqueness of Jesus’ true identity with them.

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