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Jesus Our Hope

December 8 Micah 5:1-6 Advent Week 2

If you’re reading a book, and you begin to realize that everything in the book, the whole plot line, is pointing toward culminating in one character, what would you do as you continue to read?

You would probably start seeing even more things that do indeed point to that main character, things that bolster your hunch. And if it were true, you would continue to find them. Or you would test your hypothesis to see if it’s valid or if there is another main point to the writing.

So if you’ve ever cared enough to read the whole bible, and to do so in a short enough time period that allows its pieces to come together, it would speak in its unified voice, and you will have inevitably walked this path. At times it’s like a meandering, huge connect the dots layout, but all the dots do indeed connect and the image of the main character at end the end has become obvious. And his name is Jesus.

Everything in the bible points to Jesus. Everything from as far back as Genesis to as late as Revelation points to the God who became man to solve the sin problem. God couldn’t be disconnected but had to involve Himself in the life of the planet He created for human life.

Yes, it had all went badly awry but it could all still be remedied - but only by God Himself. So, He built and prepared everything in such a way that it all pointed to this culminating moment in history where He took a dip into the pool of humanity. His coming wasn’t to stay here, but to point everyone to where they could find the salvation they so deeply longed for. And all things would point to this God who would be born into humanity in order to lay His life down for His creation. Even before coming to earth He left markers as signals that pointed to His plan. Then when here, He declared what we needed to know about His arrival and hints about the future. Then finally after rising from the dead, He left for home, but committed to giving a part of Himself to all who would trust in Him and His plan. Added to this, he gave us further explanation of His plans in letters to his gathered people. This would pull it all together and point very clearly to the On whom it is all about.

All of Scripture points to the hope we are given in Jesus, the Christ – if we have eyes to see it.

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