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Intentional Discipleship

3/4/18 John 17:3; Luke 14:28-33

This week jumps right into related questions the sermon stirred.

The request was made to include the quote regarding the basketball official’s attitude and discipline in some upcoming correspondences. So, here it is:

“It is the official who can starve their distractions and feed their focus on the task at hand that will avoid preventable mistakes that could impact game outcomes.”

What are some specific correlations or parallels that you see with this call to a referee to the call of Jesus in the life of one of His disciples?

Similarly, Pastor Dave wanted us to consider how we would become better disciples as compared to becoming better basketball players. He said basketball players work on improving their stamina, learning strategy and perfecting their skills. In the life of the disciple of Jesus, what would it look like to improve stamina? What would it look like to improve our “disciple” skills? What are the skills of the disciple? How does he or she work on them? What about strategy? You don’t even need to understand basketball strategy to think about what a strategy of a disciple of Jesus could be. Does a disciple have a strategy? Does the Church have strategy? What could the strategy of a disciple be? And what might the strategy of the church look like?

How do you think your “religious” past affects your ability to know God today?

Think about the time when you first realized that you could know God personally - not know about Him, but know Him. What changed most in your life when you had that realization?

In what ways does your knowing Jesus now affect your life today and how is it different than when you first came to know Him?

Do you tend to be a procrastinator, or do you want your to-do list cleared as soon as

possible? Why do you think you are the way you are in this regard?

Do you consider yourself to be an intentional disciple of Jesus?

What could you change to make yourself a more intentional disciple?

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1 Comment

Jerry Williams
Jerry Williams
Mar 09, 2018

Hey Dave, I really liked the basketball quote. Reminds me of a saying my college soccer team threw around called "Nothing But it". It was a saying based on a story of U2 where when they were starting out everyone in Nashville looked cool and had all the nice instruments but they only cared about their music and what they producing. I think growing up in a christian home can make one have doubts about actually knowing him. You tend to know the right sayings and cultural aspects of the church which helps you blend in. A lot of my growing up was a lot going through the motions and not feeling much desire. It was not until college that…

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