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I Deserve Better In Life

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Oct 20, 2019 Jeremiah 15:1-21 7|13

What is it that makes us believe that we deserve better in life? In this dark, sinful world, every blessing is just a bonus of grace. Warnings for the pending judgement for sin should not come as a surprise unless we have been telling ourselves, “WE DESERVE BETTER.”

If you’re a Steve Taylor fan, which I would guess no one reading this is, you would be aware of a crazily creative song he wrote and performed called, “Cash Cow”. The irony of the song revolves around the fact for the most part our lives are relatively materially blessed and yet we still arrogantly make the demand, “I deserve better!”

What is it that makes us think that God owes us anything at all? This should only be true for those who don’t know God, and therefore could be excused for ignorance. But increasingly, it is the religious fanatic that boldly makes claims on God, that He owes material blessings. He doesn’t.

What we deserve is judgment for our sin. What we get is a reprieve by His grace. There really isn’t anything better that God could offer us than His being gracious to us. Be very careful not to be asking God for what you believe you deserve. It may not line up with what He thinks you deserve and He just might give it to you.

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