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I AM the Light

Advent Week 4 12/23/18 John 8:12-30

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world”, therefore if Jesus lives in you, you have all you need. What else do you need?

Matthew tells us that the magi were guided by a light called a “star”, to where Jesus was in Bethlehem. It was called a star but then everything in the skies then were stars. The planets were stars, comets were stars, shooting stars were of course called stars and stars were stars... But stars, like our sun do not move and are not localized or we would vaporize. No, this “star”, while a light, was not an actual star as we know them.

I believe this star was none other than the light of the world going on before them in order to keep them on track. The presence of the light of the world in a glorious form (shekinah glory) that only those who are intended to see it can see. This would have been not unlike the light that led the children of Israel out of Egypt and the light that appeared to Saul of Tarsus. While immediate, local and blinding to Saul, those around him did not even see it. And within it was the presence of our Lord redirecting him as he was about to be transformed – renewed, and so becoming Paul.

Have you let the light of the world so confront and transform you? In Him you indeed have all you need to walk through a dark world. He will lead and direct you as you have need. And as He shines through you, you will be transformed and become a light to those who have not yet encountered Him.

There are plenty who have not yet encountered Him, so let your light shine in such a way that that those who see it glorify your Father in heaven, the Father of lights.

Merry Christmas!

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