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Gospel Centered Witness

2/25/18 John 1:6-9

Many people, I am sure thought that this was a top notch sermon. But I know one who would not have liked it at all and that one would be Scottie Pippen. “I must decrease”, was never said by Scottie. But I digress.

The thrust of the sermon was spot on in pointing out that our main goal needs to be simply reflecting the light that Jesus Himself shines in and through us. If we are doing things to make ourselves look better versus to make Jesus look better, we’re in need of tweaking our perspective of kingdom goals.

There are many collisions that lie ahead between an undiluted gospel and our sin poisoned culture. And that is something we would do well to embrace, rather than simply brace for.

An interesting way this has been accelerated has been the secular culture’s desire to begin implementing the strategies and the initiatives of the Church, while leaving Jesus out of it completely. Humanitarian aid without the ultimate Human’s involvement. The goal is to do what Christians have been doing all along based on the directives of the gospel, but without the “constraints” of religion or God’s interference. It’s darkness trying to behave like the Light without taking on the characteristics of the Light. This leads to fog. It leads to people remaining in the dark while having their short-term needs met. It leads to deception.

Contrary to one hymn’s lyrics, darkness cannot hide Thee. But it if we as children of the light are not where we are supposed to be shining the light, that is where there will be confusion, and glory is not given to God. {Ephesians 5:8-11}

For example, water wells dug without the gospel preached. Is it wrong? No.

Is it a good thing to do. Yes. But is it most helpful? The answer to that is also, no.

Think of it like this: if we are to love God in a comprehensive way, (i.e. with our heart, soul, mind and body), then we should show love in a comprehensive way to people by meeting their physical AND spiritual needs.

Can you think of any other ways that secular agencies and groups are now taking the place the church used to hold in serving? i.e.

Things that only the church used to do that are now being done by secular agencies. Does this idea bother you? Or is it not even a problem?

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Mar 08, 2018

Thanks for sharing that Keith!


I believe that all things done to benefit others have merit. Not being qualified to be precise with the numbers, anything done to physically help to assist others without human loving contact (sharing the Gospel) only goes part way. It reminds me of the platitude, "it takes a village....." Unfortunately, I worked at this for years, without being a Christian witness, until I saw our church members in action at God's Kitchen where sometimes a hundred people hear the Gospel and share a meal. Both things are very important and I remember the feeling I had when I prayed over a friend after a meal. Now I know I didn't do it to earn God's favor, but the feeli…

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