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2/18/18 1 Corinthians 12:12-31

Do you realize that you may be the one who is being lined up to do one of the more honorable things in the church’s ministry? It may be your calling that is critical for the success of the local church. Read 1 Corinthians 12:22-24. Does it not appear that the less “up front” and public ministries are actually due more honor than the public ministries? It looks that way to me.

Many of the really visible roles right now are accounted for and are being carried out by staff and other chosen leaders. But there are a great number of other jobs and or roles (the more honorable ones) that are waiting to be fulfilled and many duties that haven’t even been thought of yet that will need to be carried out that will help propel Hope where she is being called.

How often do you just assume someone else will do what you feel a nudge to do? Too often I believe people say something like, “ahh, there are plenty of others who could do this or that” They can do without me or without what I can do. But the truth is, as we’re getting bigger and bigger, there are more and more opportunities making themselves known.

Someone will get to fill these opportunities because God always fills in the needs with willing servants.

What do I mean by, “get to fill these opportunities?” Because it’s an opportunity to bless others and in turn be blessed. It’s not something one is forced to do but something one has the opportunity to do. It’s a duty but not in the sense that you HAVE to do it, it’s a duty in the sense that you’re gifted to do it, therefore it makes sense that the one gifted to do it, does it…and in doing so, it becomes a two way blessing.

I tried buying coffee for someone at Wawa last week. He refused and in good fun threw the $5 bill I had given the cashier on the floor at my feet. After jousting for position in that buying coffee game, I yielded, and accepted his kind gesture. Then as we walked into the parking lot going in different directions, I thanked him again, to which he yelled, “I wasn’t going to let you steal my blessing!” Because in the long run, it really is more blessed to give than receive.

As we sit and listen to sermons, don’t confuse the nodding of the head with the doing of the good. We can hear in a sermon that we all have our part to play, but until we step up and do it, we’re the one missing out… along with the one you were supposed to be helping.

Jesus was quoted as saying the famous, ‘more blessed to give than receive,’ in Acts 20:35. How would you say this becomes true in your life? How have you seen it in action?

What do you see as your primary duty in connection to Hope CC? What is a secondary role you play?

What is something else you would love to be involved with, but are not yet? i.e. if you could do anything in the church, what would it be?

What gifts or skills do you have that the others in this groups probably don’t know you have?

What keeps you sitting on the sideline (if indeed you are)?

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