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God Never Fails

November 24 Jeremiah 38:1-13; 50:1-10 12|12

One key phrase stood out to me during the sermon: “The Church is losing its respected voice in our culture”. Another related thought was that the shepherds of the Church are not leading as they are supposed to. They are increasingly saying just what the masses want to hear rather than what God says about a given topic. i.e. what has told them to say.

Jeremiah stands as an example of preaching a hard message courageously and fearlessly. Well, I guess I don’t really know if he was fearless or not, but he had to be courageous. And it’s good to know that one can be courageous even in the midst of some fear.

The key point to remember as this series on Jeremiah comes to a conclusion is that God’s messages are always intended to bring about restoration and reconciliation. So much so, that when a people become so stubborn so as to not listen any longer, God will go to last measures to ensure that one day there will be a “making all things right” or a putting things in order.

This putting things in order will always come about. The question remains of whether the people are willing to submit and get in line with the reordering. The people of Judah from 625-586 b.c. were not. The people in exile in 516 b.c. were. So that group was escorted back into their promised land, having their fortunes restored as promised. This did not come with no hard work. There was a lot of cost. But a people with a humble heart do not find it too expensive – and they find it worth it.

God does not fail in bringing about His plans and intentions. Count on it regardless of the circumstances.

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