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God is Omnipotent

Part 3 of the “God Is” series 5/20/18

Listed below are the five characteristics of God’s omnipotence Pastor Dave mentioned yesterday.

1. Creation Only an omnipotent God can create ex nihilo, or speak things into existence. Humans can be very creative, but we cannot create ex nihilo. 2. Regeneration Only an omnipotent God can regenerate a dead spirit. Hearts made new - the gift of salvation 3. Resurrection Only an omnipotent God can raise the dead, Death where is your sting? 4. Apocalypse Only an omnipotent God can cause all of this to end, to NOT work. God refers to this as the “fixed order” in Jeremiah. Only He can “break” it and create a new earth in a new heavens i.e. a new universe. 5. Forgiveness Only an omnipotent God can forgive sin – the complete wiping away of sin for salvation.

What other qualities that are derived from God’s omnipotence would you add to the list? Are they qualities we can tag-team with God to do, as we can with forgiveness, or are they strictly GOD ONLY qualities?

Which quality is the most provocative to you?

John 8:31-59 is a passage that relates well to the sermon yesterday. Name the qualities the Jews were most up in arms about regarding Jesus and why. List the verses and characteristic that angered them.

Mark 2:5-10 What is it that keeps people from wanting to forgive or even see forgiveness from happening?

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