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God is Just (sour grapes)

Part 4 of the “God Is” series

5/27/18 Ezekiel 18:1-32

Sour grapes!

When what’s happening to you and around you, and when the results of all of your efforts don’t seem to match the energy you’ve put forth in good faith makes your face pucker like you’re eating sour grapes.

When that’s happening, what are you reactions or responses like? They are part of what you’ll be passing along to others. This doesn’t only apply to parents to their children, it also applies to anyone with whom you have influence. However, young parents of course should be particularly attuned to this. If you don’t consider this prior to having children and in the very formative years, when it might seem too soon to consider it, behavior will have become more entrenched than you can imagine, and it might be too late. You don’t want to hear, “Too little, too late.”

But this is truly for everyone to consider because everyone carries influence whether you embrace that thought or not. And everyone should take humble responsibility and or blame for actions passed on. It is the fast track to healing and growth.

If you’re a reflective type person, you may have already considered the following types of questions, but regardless of your personality, these are well worth considering.

What specific types of values are you passing along? What practices and behaviors in stressful situations are you passing along? What traditions are you passing along? What things are you passing along that you will confidently be able to stand before the judgment seat of Christ and own?

Have you noticed anything others have picked up from you that you’re rather not own up to? What's the next best step?

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