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Four Heroes of Faith

7/26/20 Hebrews 11:17-22 #21 Jesus > Everything Summer bio series

Each person referenced in this chapter is promised something a little different in the short term, while all longed for that eternal country or city whose architect is God. All would require faith to have a confidence to live by faith while still alive on earth. Faith in something God would be doing sometime in the future – near and long term.

This sermon made me wonder, “What was Enoch promised?” or What did he not see because he was taken by God. i.e. what had he seen if he had lived on? Perhaps Enoch was promised to see the judgment of God, so he was taken before the flood because he surely would have lived until it since his grandfather and father made it right up to the end before the flood. Enoch prophesied that God’s judgment would indeed come upon the earth (Jude 14-16). Do we sometimes learn of something that is going to happen and not see it come to fruition? Obviously this happens at times. Was this what happened with Enoch? I don’t know, I am just speculating. One thing we don’t need to do is to try and make something happen that you believe is going to happen ESPECIALLY when it is something the God may be doing. Do not try and force or hurry God’s hand.

Sometimes fulfillment is deferred and ultimate fulfillment is down the road at the resurrection. One thing we are promised is that we walk by faith and not by sight (2 Cor 5:7). What that all means is that the best lessons are learned by faith, trusting in how God works things out.

It is requiring a lot of genuine faith to walk faithfully in this world today. It is requiring a lot of genuine faith today to obey standards that the world wants to discard like four-day-old leftovers. It is requiring a lot of genuine faith today to stand up and be counted as one who does not go with the flow.

It is requiring a lot of genuine faith just to say there is such a thing as actual truth - truth that doesn’t change - truth that sets people free – truth that is itself a divider.

Let Jesus be the maker and marker of lines and we be the faithful followers of Him.

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