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Follow Through Intro

Each Monday, I’ll be posting a Follow Through mini-blog that will further explore the passage of Scripture used in yesterday’s sermon, along with additional Bible verses and questions to stir the spiritual pot.

As it turns out, our sermon intake is only as good as our ability to follow through with what we’ve heard. As an example, a golfer’s swing that stops at initial impact with the ball and has no follow through, will not produce a shot that reaches its intended target. Likewise, we won’t reach our spiritual targets if we do not follow through with teaching we hear.

Since our ultimate spiritual target is maturity in our relationship with Jesus, the goal of this blog is to help us all Follow Through with what was taught in the sermon and to take our

next step toward growing in our relationship with Jesus.

{James 1:22}

Feel free to post your comments below, pose your own questions or bring up related issues etc... Let’s get a conversation going!

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