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Flee Evil, Pursue Godliness, Guard the Gospel

Series: Gospel Shaped Church 11/22/20 Week 12 1 Timothy 6:11-21

Flee and pursue!

Flee, pursue, guard! Fight the good fight! Take hold of what you need to and get on with it!

There are times when we just need to flee! There are some things we need to flee from because it is the best way to guard ourselves and others from sin and ungodliness. Lingering in the mud of sin does not demonstrate that we love others more than God does. If God commands we flee, we flee. “But I care so much about this person I will risk falling into sin for them, I love them that much.” Which is basically saying, ‘I know better than God’ ‘ I love better than God’, I got this.

Do what is right with grace and in truth and trust God for the results. You do not know better than God. His warnings are in the Book for a reason: to guard and protect His people. Heed them.

When you cannot flee because you are cornered through no fault of your own, then you fight. Fight the good fight, waging the war by God’s rules and with His weapons.

And as you go about your life always guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus. Be on constant guard. The devil does not holidays or vacations. This shouldn’t be a stressor, it’s a reminder to trust in the power of God for your salvation and not your own cleverness.

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