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Exhausting Discipleship

9/24/17 Colossians 1:24-2:5

The full assurance of understanding. How great is it to be at a place of understanding vs. having to think through something, step by step? i.e. you know it, you’re not figuring it out as you go. Think of the difference between driving somewhere you’ve been to hundreds of times vs. the place you’ve never been to and for which you just got directions. One, you KNOW the way, the other one, you’re getting to know and learning the way.

There is a certain wealth that comes from a full assurance of knowing where you’re going. This is the goal of verse 2:2. Here in the Now, we can never fully know God’s mystery, Christ Himself, as we are known, but the more we grow in our knowing Him the more mature and full our assurance becomes. How does Paul say this kind of understanding happen?

The mystery of Christ.

I think some people are uncomfortable talking about a so-called mystery in the Bible. And yet, this mystery Paul is talking about, he actually mentions some 30 plus in his letters to the Church. Jesus mentions the mysteries of the kingdom of God. And there will come a time when the mystery ends (Rev 10:7). From here in Colossians (1:25-28 & 2:2,3), and the other many references to the mystery, how would you define the mystery Paul mentions? How does knowing this mystery help us explain our faith to others?

See also: Luke 8:10; Romans 11:25, 16:25-26; Ephesians 3:3,4; 6:19; 1 Timothy 3:9,16)

Exhausting Discipleship It can be exhausting to me that people refuse to accept, what I would call the reasonableness of the gospel. What are reasons you objected to the gospel prior to coming to Christ? Why did you resist? What are common objections you hear for rejecting or resisting the gospel today?

Would you take a job where you knew you would not be permitted to speak about the gospel?

What do think about the statement: If you can’t take Jesus on/to your job, then it’s the wrong job for you.

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