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Drifting Away

Hebrews 2:1-4 February 9, 2020 Jesus > Everything

When I heard Drifting Away as the title, it reminded me of a soothing song from my youth, Drift Away, so I searched it… I found the original by Dobie Gray and a version by one, Uncle Kracker!?… a little leery, and wanting to guard myself from drifting down some unnecessary stream on the net, I opened the YouTube version of Uncle Kracker’s Drift Away. Turns out it’s a beautiful tribute to the original, including a cameo by Dobie himself, and it’s been view some 49 million times.

There however is a good current in which to enjoy the flow. It is when from our innermost being rivers of living water are flowing {John 7:37,38}. When we are thirsty, all who are thirsty, can come to JESUS to drink. This of course speaks of the Spirit that indwells us as believers.

But this doesn’t just “always” happen. As Pastor Ryan put it, we must feast on the gospel. We must be in communion with His Spirit to allow the flow to be unhindered. We must position ourselves so that we are in fact paying much closer attention to what we have heard of Jesus and His gospel. If not, we will drift away.

No one, after hearing one disturbing thing up and walks out the door on their faith. It is always an accumulation of little things that have been building over time. These are things that have not been resolved, not openly addressed and perhaps left to fester. All the more reason we must be in groups where we can discus our questions and doubts as they come up, as well as receive much needed encouragement.

So what does it mean to you today, based on your walk with Christ, “…to pay much closer attention to what you have heard”? This may look different for each of us. But what it means for you, you must mean to do. Remember, we don’t actually invite Jesus into our lives. He invites us into His life – into His abundant life and into the flow of His Spirit. Let’s get there and stay there – it’s our drift insurance.

Oh, give me the beat boys, and free my soul I want to get lost in your rock and roll and drift away
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