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Counter Cultural Faith

7/19/20 Hebrews 11:8-16 #21 Jesus > Everything Summer bio series

What if it were our aim to seek only what brought God alone glory? How would that change your life? What kind of effect would that have on some choices you make? All choices? Giving God alone glory necessarily involves having God’s perspective.

During a government shutdown and fear of a virus resurgence and civil unrest, regardless of your views on each of them… Perspective is hugely important. But perspective is not enough. Truth and Love must energize the perspective in order to be the light we are called to be. The three of these amount to faith and will put it into action.

Without ALL three of these, hope is sacrificed at the altar of despair. An overemphasis or elimination of any one can lead to short sightedness, dogmatic thinking, irrational thinking and hopelessness. Seeing and keeping the big picture in focus gives us proper framework on which to build words of truth and actions of love.

Abraham was indeed promised land by God. And for lack of perspective, many people’s first reaction to this is wondering about those already living in that land prior. It is the default reaction when perspective is lost. There is no arbitrary displacement of peoples. The inheritance coincided with God’s judgment of the people at the right time. Seeing this is the glorious advantage of the interpreted history of the bible. From God’s perspective, loving promises kept, truth and justice served. Abraham’s promised land was Canaan, filled with idol worshiping Canaanites, cursed descendants of Canaan, Ham’s son, Noah’s grandson. The same applies to those replaced as Joshua led the children of Israel into the promised land some 400+ years later. This cycle continued throughout the time of the judges and the kings. My guess is it has never stopped. The proper balance of perspective, love and truth can bring a sense of peace that does run counter to culture and wow! is that ever needed in our culture today.

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