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Bringing the Gospel to Life

2/4/18 2 Timothy 1:3-14

When I think of things I have been ashamed of doing in my life, they are all things that the bible would categorize as sin. They are all things that I would call as sin. Things that have scarred me or someone else. Things that I have done that I regret deeply. Things I have done for which I need forgiveness. Think of some things you have been ashamed of doing. What kinds of things are they? But here in Paul’s second letter to Timothy, four times in the first two chapters, Paul reminds Timothy not to be ashamed. What is Paul reminding Timothy not to be ashamed of? Primarily the gospel, right?

What is it about this most wonderful of things that would make us feel ashamed? It is a very good thing, and yet there is this acknowledgment that Timothy might feel ashamed of it. Why do you think this is? Why do we feel ashamed of such a good thing?

Do you ever feel ashamed of the gospel?

No one wants to be ashamed of the gospel, but how can this be overcome?

Remember Paul’s comment in Romans 1:16,17. It is hard to share the gospel when we feel ashamed of it. How has this changed over time for you?

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