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Biblical Eldership & Dignified Deacons

Series: Gospel Shaped Church 10/4/20 and 10/11/20

Week 5&6: 1 Timothy 3:1-13

It should not really surprise us that God’s structure and qualifications for leadership is going to be different than the trends of the world. Throughout history there have been SOOOO many differing systems of leadership. But the goals of said leadership has always been about consolidating power - and gaining more power.

When we read the qualifications of leadership within the ranks of God’s people (right now, the Church), we see that basically the opposite is true. Church leaders are placed into position to give away power. The goal is to give away power in order to empower others to do God’s will.

So when we reflect on the biblical characteristics listed for leaders in the Church, it’s not surprising that we see qualifications that create a person who is able to give power away, not centralize it.

The best of leaders do not talk out of both sides of their mouth, a decidedly ungodly trait. The best of leaders are faithful to their spouse – this is an indicator of faithfulness and trustworthiness. The best of leaders is not influenced by financial gain. It’s never the primary motive. The best of leaders has led their children into the faith, mostly because of their rapport with them. The best of leaders is not seen as a hypocrite.

And so whether leaders teach, protect doctrine and pray, or serve, support and rally the troops, their goal is the growth of those they’re leading. Growth that leads to others becoming more like Christ – not like themselves.

The glory goes to God as His will is done and the benefits come back to those who faithfully follow their faithful leaders.

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