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Hebrews 3:1-6 February 23, 2020 Jesus > Everything

Have you ever walked into a house and been overcome by its beauty and design? You walk around marveling at the intricacies of the detail. You are stunned by the innovative ways that space has been used. There are clearly places for gathering of many people but isolated areas for safe quiet solo time. The choice of materials used enhances every aspect of the building, inside and out. You notice the views and pathways that have been obviously thought about far in advance. Evaluating the layout you return to, “I would have never thought of that”, as the best way to compliment the pragmatic yet elegant architecture. You’re making too many mental notes for what you would like to one day do, to be able to remember any of them.

And who gets rightful credit for the creation and beauty of the house? The architect and the builder. And when they are one and the same – all the more glory. The person living there simply bought it and one day will longer live in it. Yes, they may be taking great care of it as Moses did the house of God (and a good steward he was), but they do not rightly receive glory for the house. We are all merely stewards of all he has placed before us.

And what about the house itself? It’s a house. It didn’t build itself. The builder and designer are credited for the creation. Any skilled craftsman could follow through with completing the house as prescribed by its blueprints. The house cannot build itself. There is always a designer who deserves the glory and proper attribution for complicated, intelligently designed anythings. Attributing beauty and exquisite design to mere chance or spontaneous development is totally nonsensical. The wonder and glory of this amazingly, interconnected created world and its intricately, complicated designed humans belongs to the one and only Creator. And then he stepped into the midst of it with us. Go figure.

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