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Avoiding the Trappings & Traps of the World

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

10/13/19 Jeremiah 9:23 – 10:1 The traps of the world are the false gods of this world. The god of this world (2 Cor. 4:4) would blind as many eyes as possible to the light of the gospel and herd people toward trusting in idols, false gods that have been propped up by our ever-evolving society.

The trappings are the customs these false gods require as sacrifice to stay in their favor and the favor of their gatekeepers. The gatekeepers strictly keep out any attempt at the insertion of an appeal to a greater good other than what the collective consciousness of sinful man can come up with. And Truth? Whfew! There’s no wiggle room when truth is involved. The acceptance of ANYTHING or ANY PRACTICE, regardless of how bizarre it may honestly appear to us is encouraged in the name of inclusion, as long as the source of the thing or practice doesn’t come for the God who claims to know better what is good for mankind.

The gods take the form of human intellect & wisdom, human power & control and human’s accumulated riches. We falsely trust in them and once we rely upon them more than God Himself, they’ve taken the place of God and it is therefore idolatry. In our brilliant intellect we’ve take again to worshiping nature and the creation rather than the Creator. This is a religion as old as the hills. And for a time, it seemed we were our growing intelligence taught us that was backward, but some have outsmarted even themselves and are back to worshiping nature. Mother earth has become a priestess for our blinded and misguided intellectual powers. Our ability to arm ourselves more mightily than the next person or nation gladly accepts its worshipers which it has for centuries and centuries. And the hope of having more wealth drives our appetites so much that we are consumed with having more and winning all comparisons, misplacing our security in our stockpiles of wealth.

None of these false gods or their trappings they boast of, give us any hope whatsoever beyond the grave so in reality, they are impotent to be a God.

Where Jesus reigns, there is freedom from this bondage of thought and reliance on mankind’s own abilities. When we are filled with His Spirit, His power and His purposes, we have not time or space for such lies.

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