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A Contrite Heart

11/4/18 Psalm 51; 2 Samuel 12:7

“You’re the Man!” It’s come to be the call from the crowd that is a badge of honor for the athlete.

When Tiger hits that bomb of a drive and that loud guy yells it, you’re expecting something amazing.

Here in 2 Samuel 12:1-7 it was a call from God through the prophet singling out David as owing restitution and being deserving of death. Hearing ‘you’re the man’ meant he had been outed, not honored.

But in this Psalm (v. 13) we see that sinners will be converted as a result of what? Obedience rather than religious conformity. Confession of sin that allows sinners to know that forgiveness is available.

Grace is available.

How might they ever know this if our sin is always kept “under a bushel” so to speak?

Not that we are dragging our dirty laundry down the street or out in public for possible ridicule, but that there is a place where confession can happen and be heard by that someone who really needs to hear it. That person who needs to hear that God’s grace reaches to them. That the gospel of Jesus Christ will lead people to repentance and conversion.

That’s the blue print here. Are you sharing how your sinful heart has been scrubbed clean? Are you finding yourself in a group where you can do this?

There is a specific context here of sin in Psalm 51 - David’s sexual sin and his subsequent cover-up leading to his murder of Uriah. 2 Samuel 11 & 12

This isn’t necessarily a call for that type of sin, but for any sin, for sin in general to be confessed SO THAT sinners will be converted. What sin were you forgiven of that God’s grace so transformed your whole persona at one time?

Why do we ask? Because that’s what happens when sinners hear confession and of God’s grace and forgiveness – they’re converted.

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