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A Church Divided

1/6/19 1 Corinthians 1:1-17

The Corinthians are one messed up people. So there should be a lot for us to learn from as we read this letter. Because as far as I can tell, we’re still pretty messed up. We’re sinful to put it “biblically”. We’re prideful, petty, selfish, arrogant, loose in our thinking, easily influenced, we think we know it all (or at least have access to it all),…need I go on?

This new group of people, the church, is trying to figure out how to be the church in the midst of a very secular culture. And that’s what we’re doing as well.

So we should read this letter looking for what strategies Paul appeals to for the people of Corinth to apply. What is his thinking? What is his go-to argument? What doesn’t he say that we might expect him to say?

So my challenge is for you to read this whole letter at least once in one sitting. Scripture comes alive and is seen so valuably differently when we are able to take in big swaths of it.

Paul could say a lot of things to help bring this bunch in line, but he says… and our take away is…

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