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A Biblical Worldview: What It Is and Why It Matters

1 Chronicles 12:32 March 1, 2020 This week is a break in the Jesus > Everything series, to return March 8.

I’m going to expand on the concept of DOMINO VALUES regarding world views. It is one worth tinkering with… Is that mixed metaphor? (if you’re totally lost, you haven’t listened to the sermon yet)

We know how dominoes work when properly lined up… when one falls, every other one downwind of the first to fall, falls, creating a chain reaction. i.e. in this illustration, one domino = a behavior and each behavior necessarily leads to a consequence or benefit and a behavior based on belief in the previous domino value and how it relates to the next behavior. The key is understanding that behaviors are based on the belief in the value of the dominoes.

For course correction, the further back up the chain you go to reset, the more thorough your reset will be. A course correction going as far back in the chain as possible, followed by the likely responses, based on belief in the previous domino creates the greatest possibility for a complete healthy reset (repentance). One big reason for this is simply because it covers more territory. If you don’t go far enough back, you may leave out some important steps, hindering a healthy and right response.

Exercise: Create a domino path starting with a Domino value: Assign values to the dominoes above and below your starting domino. What would each domino represent? What does your domino chain look like?

Here’s my example: There is a GOD> He created heaven and earth> He created humans, made in His image> He made them male and female> he gave roles to them as man and women> He gave rules to them for handling their sexuality> who to have relations with (men and women are natural sexual partners)> and when to have relations* (do not defile the marriage bed)> and why, (that sexuality was designed to procreate, be fruitful and multiply!) planned reproduction> babies> family> roles in family/rules in the family to maintain health

Now if you reach in and replace one domino with one that is not on the path, and tip it over starting a chain reaction, what could possible outcomes be? * Defile the marriage bed by having relations before marriage> having relations with no intention of creating a family> starting a family, wanting to cover it up, having an abortion> this now gives opportunity to change roles downstream, it also gives opportunity to change purpose upstream. Redesigning the purposes of dominoes so as to ease the conscience. A new start based not on repentance and realigning with God’s will and purposes, but on independently reassigning values to ease guilt. Redefine your beliefs to match your behavior.

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