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Walking With God

7/12/20 Hebrews 11:7 #20 Jesus > Everything Summer bio series

Everyone in Noah’s day wanted him cancelled. No one wanted his work to continue. He was sign of their own destruction. On the short list of things being cancelled in our Cancel Culture are no longer TV shows but cultural norms like: God, morality, church, family, courtesy, thinking for yourself, history, the Bible, vocabulary, police, open dialogue, products whose makers said something you don’t like, grammar, manners, the Constitution, capitalism, modesty, Jesus and the list goes on and on. You can add to it I’m sure. They are all things however, that we still need to keep promoting and building on so to speak… But while we’re at, let’s cancel something that should have been cancelled a long time ago. I’d like to add Darwinian evolution and all of it’s implications.

We owe it to ourselves and our children to question scientists and their theories, because often the data flows with the terrain of theories and from where they evolve. Most scientists self-proclaim that an overwhelming majority of them hold to a Darwinian view of evolution and therefore, creation. This theory of course comes from an 1859 book by Charles Darwin. The full title of the book quickly reveals where the theory leads us. Popularly known as, “On the Origin of Species”, it’s complete title is, “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life”.

A question I’ve often asked resurfaces today: when will the scientific community be held accountable for leading its adherents to drink from this fountain of racism? When people arrive at the logical outcomes of this theory, how can we be surprised when racism exists since it has been force fed through the educational system for so many years? When will the scientific community acknowledge and take responsibility for the effects and influence this theory has had in shaping a mindset in our general population and culture regarding racism here in America? The belief in this Darwinian theory undergirds most everything that is done in the name of science.

A general goal of science is to observe to better understand how things work, educate and shape thinking. The specific goal of Darwin’s theory is a surviving race or species that adapts to strengthen its own kind at the expense of, and eventual extinction of, its lesser peers in its race – resulting in a favored race, winning the struggle to survive. No questions asked, no prisoners taken. If this is what is being taught as gospel science and is expected to be taught, how again can we be surprised when people take it seriously and apply its dominating principles to their own life and by extension to others? Belief in this theory has animated many a thought influencer and dictator in the last century and a half. When this is the prevailing view of humanity and its origins true widespread fair and equal treatment of all peoples will not happen. It is contrary to how this theory says we live and survive. In keeping with the tenants of this theory, surviving at the expense of the less evolved and ill equipped has no boundaries, restrictions or limitations - the only rule is adapting and surviving. This theory does not hold that we have any “inalienable rights” as endowed by a Creator, and if no rights, then there are therefore no “wrongs” either, only instinct and survival. There is no accepted commonality of being created in the image of God and its accompanying inherent value. There are no natural laws or morals to be considered and therefore no scientific reason to pursue any such non-existent safeguard to human treatment such as love or kindness. There is only looking for advantages to seize to improve your own lot in life – that’s all there is – that’s all there can be.

In this view, any rights we may have are temporarily given to us by our government at the time and therefore can be taken away by said government. Easy come, easy go. This theory of evolution, and therefore its conclusions and consequences, has been aggressively promoted and defended in our culture as progressively intellectual and culturally acceptable thinking. And in doing so, has planted the seeds for racism, watered them and nourished them. We should not be surprised at the harvest.

But we can start planting new seeds and pull some ugly plants up by their roots.

The scientific community has gotten a pass on this for too long, bullying their theory into the minds of all children throughout government funded education. This theory left unchallenged however, is literally as systemic a racism problem as there is. Other voices must be heard to help bring new growth and thinking.

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