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Silencing the Critics

2/3/19 1 Corinthians 4:1-21

Why so critical?

This applies to many areas of life. And we can quickly see how this destroys events and then relationships.

See if applying it to the role of officials in any given sporting event helps (but especially for kids sporting events). For this, I have two, I think, fair and simple questions to consider.

Simple question one:

What’s at the heart of Coaches, Parents, and the Kids playing, feeling they have the right and even duty to critique, call into question and publicly criticize official’s judgments?

Simple question two:

How would the coaches and parents react if their coaching and parenting were called into question, critiqued or criticized in the public arena?

Would they be open to it? Think it appropriate?

As an official, I’ve asked coaches and fans a version of this and they act shocked that I would ever dare asking them such a proposition…

Somehow you think you have carte blanche to say anything you want. You don’t.

Where do such attitudes come from?

And realize, this doesn’t solely apply to sporting events. I am certain you can lay this over a situation you see at work. Or in the neighborhood. Or in government. Or in the church?

Paul says, “…don't go on passing judgment before the time…” and something about the motives of men’s hearts being disclosed, and something about rewards being given...

These kinds of situations: they do indeed reveal our motives and conversely are opportunities to gain heavenly rewards.

Which are you stock piling with now?

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