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Go and Do the Same

Luke 10:25-37 January 19, 2020 Part 3/4 Bringing the Gospel to Life in the Church, Community and the World

Trying to live out the gospel every day in your local community will undoubtedly bring failure. You will fail. Realizing this should make us all approach this discipleship thing with much more humility.

But what if it is actually more about how we handle our failure (and others’) than becoming raging successes?

Since we’re all going to fail, how we treat each other in the midst of those failures is a road to success. Are we gracious or demanding? Are we forbearing or overbearing? Are we forgiving or grudge holding and keeping score? And what about how we speak to ourselves in failure? That too says a lot for how we’re receiving God’s grace. Some are harder on themselves than others.

Either way it is not receiving the grace of God rightly and therefore stunting our growth from withholding grace. We are reminded that grace is not given to those who we feel have earned it. It is then no longer grace. We are to be clear about beliefs and God’s truths and equally ready to offer grace where needed.

So according to Jesus and this parable, we are to be neighbors to the people who are not like us. We are to go and do the same kinds of things as the Samaritan did. He didn’t hang around for credit, he just did what he knew was merciful and kind.

Maybe our take-away is simply that. Look for opportunities to show mercy and kindness in a world where it is little shown. Be like Good ole Sam.

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